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Grains of Stardust by Vismaya Mohanlal

Book Details

BOOK NAMEGrains of Stardust
AUTHORVismaya Mohanlal
PUBLISHING DATE14 February 2021
DIMENSIONS20 x 14 x 4 cm

Grains of Stardust Review

Congrats, Vismaya, for showing the courage to explore a different dimension of life and successfully pen down your thoughts as an anthology when you could have easily opted for a safer familiar option like acting in the movies, just like many other celebrity kids.

I was judgemental about this book when I heard about it for the first time and was sure that I was going to deride it as I thought that it would be a desultory attempt of a dilettante to carve magic out of lustreless words based on my previous reading experiences of celebrities tryst with poetry.

I call myself an ardent fan of the works of Pablo Neruda and Rumi. I was surprised to see the same energy seen in their masterpieces in a few places in this book. I was happy to read in the foreword that her father, Mohanlal, was reminded of Matsuo Bashō while reading her poems.

The way love and breakups were depicted was fabulous.

“Grains of stardust
in a whirlwind of glitter
suspended in space
Stardust in your eyes
as they look into mine
Stardust in our souls
as our bodies entwine.”

The author’s idea of the end puzzle and perfection will sink deep into our souls. The words are enmeshed with a Kaleidoscope of emotions. All the illustrations are simply spectacular. We can see many concealed ideas inside each picture with multiple symbolisms if we closely examine each one.

Even though I loved most of the poems, I can’t say that this anthology is perfect. We can see the imperfections of a new author in some parts of this book, like the poem where the author tries to become a connoisseur who tries to view the world from the view of edibles. But that is a minor snag that can be ignored.

I think that the author used metaphors in the best way possible and created an engrossing book for anyone interested in poetry.

by Dr. Appu Sasidharan

Grains of Stardust Summary

Offering a unique expression of thought reflecting feeling more than meaning, Grains of Stardust is a synesthetic stream of consciousness that does not distinguish between journey and destination, but meanders unchecked upon the river of human emotion.


‘Read my poetry out loud
Breathe it in
and taste the letters pour out.
A delicious sound.
Do you hear the colours take form?
Feel the pages move you
as you float in space
make some space
Open your mind
and get inside
and see all that
marmalade liquid’

Grains of stardust

Vismaya Mohanlal Book Release

About Author

Vismaya Mohanlal is an artist whose interests lie in the realms of fine art, poetry, and performance. She is from the south of India. Grains of Stardust is her first book.

Grains of Stardust

“Grains of stardustin a whirlwind of glittersuspended in spaceStardust in your eyesas they look into mineStardust in our soulsas our bodies entwine.”

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Author: Vismaya Mohanlal

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